Private Classes Now Available 

Self-Paced Program

Access lessons on your own time, on your own schedule, and on any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Track your progress as you go.


Accredited Rank

Earn international rank in Taekwondo from the highest governing body of Taekwondo in the world, the Kukkiwon, taught by elite level athletes and coaches.


Live Classes

Each month, Cyber Taekwondo hosts a live class for all students who wish to participate. Join in for a chance to learn directly from the instructors and coaches responsible for the program.


Bring your fitness and health challenge and join our community of do-ers as we conquer those challenges by learning the principles of being fight-fit from anywhere.  Our Online/Zoom program will have you moving, looking and feeling amazing you choose the location, login and we will get you fit and ready. All while you stay safe and enjoy the convenience of working out from your own home.



Who is this program for?


While the program is adaptable to any age and level of everyday athlete, the Online/Zoom program is specifically designed for those athletes looking for a solid program to elicit the absolute best results possible online- and for those who are willing to work and be motivated to achieve results.
These results are improving body composition (losing fat and increasing lean muscle), re-training proper firing patterns of all fundamental movements, balancing the body, and most of all, educating athletes on how to best conquer their fitness and health challenges by learning to Fight.


What is Online/Zoom?


  1. Online/Zoom is a program built on a sound foundation of strength and conditioning programming proven scientifically and in the real world to develop the ultimate version of you.
  2. The exercises used in Online/Zoom are completely scalable to age, level and current capacity, and designed to transform the way you move, feel and look.
  3. The training in our Online/Zoom honors the progression of movement efficacy, kinesthetic awareness, proprioceptive capacity and systemic strength and conditioning.
  4. Online/Zoom Program will effectively re-trains the core to work for you.
  5. Enjoy the convenience of working out from your own home.

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