Who is this program for?

While the program is adaptable to any age and level of everyday athlete, the FightXP program is specifically designed for
our everyday athletes looking for a solid program to elicit the absolute best results possible- and who are willing to work for those results.
These results are improving body composition (losing fat and increasing lean muscle), re-training proper firing patterns of all fundamental movements, balancing the body, and most of all, educating athletes on how to best conquer their fitness and health challenges by learning to Fight.

What is FightXP?

  1. FightXP is a program built on a sound foundation of strength and conditioning programming proven scientifically and in the real world to develop the ultimate version of you.
  2. The exercises used in FightXP are completely scalable to age, level and current capacity, and designed to transform the way you move, feel and look
  3. The training in FightXP honors the progression of movement efficacy, kinesthetic awareness, proprioceptive capacity and systemic strength and conditioning
  4. FightXP effectively re-trains the core to work for you
  5. FightXP focuses on fixing “leaks in the boat”… imbalances of strength, length and function
  6. FightXP employs nutritional strategies that work in the real world… and get you lean and fueled for your day
  7. The FightXP system trains habit-transformation – transforming the outside by re-training the inside
  8. FightXP teaches members to FIGHT for their challenges (Fortitude of mind, Intensity of approach, Grit, Habit transformation, and Training time and consistency)
  9. FightXP trains for eXtreme Progression of your FIGHT

How Do We Train?

Sandbags, Medicine balls, Free Weights

Bars, Ropes, Ladders, Slideboards, Platforms

Our Bodies

Our Minds

Our Souls



What Don’t We Do?


Isolated exercises

Sprint Until Puking

Long Slow Cardio

Celebrate completed reps at the expense of proper movement

Justify our results by the minimum… if everyone in our groups doesn’t absolutely conquer their personal challenge, we are not satisfied!


How Is FightXP different from other forms of high intensity training?



“Pushing a person way beyond their conditioning threshold is probably one of the easiest (and most destructive) things a trainer can do. The result of this is a person puking while working out or being so sore they cannot get out of bed the next day. This doesn’t require knowledge, know-how and most definitely any expertise to accomplish.The ability of a trainer and/or training program to find and administer the least amount of work that will elicit the maximal amount of POSITIVE adaptation in a person’s body, is what people should be seeking (this does not mean the easiest work)... One of the pillars of the FightXP training system is teaching members to gain a more refined level of awareness and control in themselves so that they can begin to expand their capacity through their training. People deserve to be better educated on the things they spend their time doing, and FightXP is doing just that.”

Scott Fujii, Founder, FightXP




FightXP Fundamentals

FightXP is a system of training that involves progressing three main attributes in each member:

Pillar #1: Mentality

Pillar #2: Nutrition and Fueling

Pillar #3: Training
1. Movement Efficacy (proficient movement to produce effective results)
2. Kinesthetic Awareness (awareness and control of body in relation to space)
3. Proprioceptive Capacity (in a very simplistic definition, coordination)
4. Systemic Strength & Conditioning (strengthening the body as a whole and each of the fundamental movements, conditioning the body’s systems – cellular, metabolic, psychological, emotional for the stressors of life)

If all of this sounds confusing, don't worry. We have spent years training people and refining the system of FightXP to bring our members the most up to date and effective training available. In a nutshell, what this means to you is that as you improve in your training with us, you can be confident that you have progressed in each of the three fundamental pillars of our system. This, in essence, is Performance Training for Life.

As a you begin to balance your body, develop better movement patterns, refine your perspective and approach, and learn to make great food choices and better time your meals, you will notice that as a byproduct of focusing on these strategies to build the ultimate version of you, your training will also yield a fitter, healthier, happier you! A true win-win!


Visit FightXP's website for more locations and XP news and updates!



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